class=" fc-falcon">Question about MC9 upgrades. .

While there are many other upgrades that can be done to the Canik TP9 series, I feel this is the single best way to improve the quality of your trigger pull.

Description: Canik Mete Full Size Flat Trigger Assembly.

. . the thumb rest/gas pedal fits in the holster canik gives you for the mete.

Only install on compatible models.

We receive messages every day stating "You said that this trigger fits the "TP9 Elite" but not the "TP9" (SF, SFX, SFL, etc. . Trigger replacement - I need your help! I’ve got a flat face trigger on the way from Canik for my TP9 Elite SC, and even after a YouTube deep dive, I’m not feeling the most confident.

Only install on compatible models. ) , so I am confused.



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My METE has a slightly lighter trigger.
So 3 hours later it was.



$34. . .

It’s a full-featured 9mm race gun that’s built on their METE platform. class=" fc-falcon">Question about MC9 upgrades. Go to canik r/canik • by Scroll-ie. Mar 16, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">Century Arms announced the new Canik SFx RIVAL at the SHOT Show earlier this year. so drill the bottom of the pins head with a 1/16th drill bit.


This single upgrade can s Show more. Email a friend.

This lightened aluminum trigger features an enhanced 90-degree trigger break and gold-coated trigger.

41” width, a 5” barrel, and an overall weight of 29.

99 MSRP.